About Us

Our goal at Young Masters is to provide mainly primary school age children with a superior teaching in art at the most competitive price in Bradford and Leeds. We are rapidly growing into a middle school age. We cover painting, drawing, sculpture whilst looking at different artists. We work hard to ensure that we surpass the expectations of our little customers and deliver the assistance and advice that they need.

Through a massive amount of support we provide to gifted, talented, autistic children we have gained a charitable status for our organisation (registered charity 1174558). With many years experience in the education system we can offer you our expertise and knowledge to help you today. Art is so fulfilling. If you think your children have a knack for creativity or they could benefit from encouragement then come and join us in our journey in to the wonderful world of art. There is so much to discover. Contact us to find out more.


Meet The Team

William Gallaghar


Ruth Wightman

Artist | Educator

Nicola Storr

Artist | Educator

Virginija Knowles

Founder | Chair of Trustees